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Hi there! I was hoping to get an experienced LSD user pref. with a medical background to review my question. Background info: I was diagnosed with Epstein-barr virus (Also known as Mono or Mononucleosis). 90% of adults has the virus without noticing but the last 10% of us get it as adults. I had about 3 weeks of sickness and then recovered nicely. I had my liver numbers done and they were HIGH. This is common as the liver, spleen and lymph notes fight the virus. I've been without symptoms since the beginning of March (Roughly 2½ weeks). The only thing left is slightly swollen lymph notes in the neck area. Question: When you have Mono your liver and spleen is highly affected. They can even be swollen, which is why you are not allowed to have Alcohol (You can even burst your Spleen).Me and a few friends wanted to LSD next week. I've done a small dosis before (1/4 of a tab) with minimal to no effect. My plan was to do around 100/125 this time. 1: Does LSD in any way or shape affect your Liver/Spleen? 2: Is it generally not recommended to do LSD with Mono after inital symptoms are gone? Or is it completely fine? Appreciate your time and response.

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Beste vraagsteller,

Dear questioner,

I think you only have to take care of your 'set' of use: if there is anxiety or traces of fever or weakness, there may be an increased risk of suffering from a bad trip. There are no effects on the internal organs. 

But it is neither completely fine because of the physical condition shortly after the condition. But you've recovered already a lot, fortunately.

Good luck,

Gerard A, physician in addiction medicine.


22 maart 2021
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